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You can't afford to pass it up! is a private hosting service for clients of Myrtle Sanders.  From e-commerce websites for business to personal websites, we offer custom-designed web packages that fit the needs and budgets of our clients.  We don't offer the cheapest web hosting, but we do offer a good value, and excellent customer service.  If you are looking for affordable and reliable standard hosting packages, please go to or where you will find standard plans for Linux and Windows hosting.

         What is a Domain? What is Web Hosting?
These are the most common questions that we receive.

A domain or "domain name" refers to the part of your website address that uniquely identifies you or your organization, such as ""  It is the basis of your internet identity and is a part of the website address that people use to find you on the web. 

The URL or Universal Resource Locator is the website's address and includes the domain name in the format of ""  A web hosting service is necessary to show your website content to visitors who type in your website's address.  The files are stored on a computer called a "server" which makes your website accessible to the world.



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